Ask an Expert 10-30-15

Dear Experts:

Two of my brothers are trying to have our mother declared incompetent and, I believe, take over her affairs.  How do I stop them from doing this?  They have not consulted either me or my sister about this.  They are just taking matters into their own hands.

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The importance of good administration.

One of the foundations of the Family Vision Matrix™ program is the administration. By defining the issues, asking for honest responses and then having those responses go to an independent third party for compilation.

The combination of these factors leads directly to the success of the Family Vision Matrix™.


When you purchase the full program you will receive everything you need, including all the letters, questionnaires and instructions necessary to implement a survey.

It is not advised that you conduct your own surveys. Work with the professional who sent you to this site.  They have the ability to administer a Family Vision Matrix™ program.


How did the Family Vision Matrix originate?

Good question.  The system developers were estate planning consultants for almost two decades.  Their family estate planning firm had been helping families solve estate planning problems for over two decades.

The developers designed and developed the program because they had noticed many problems inside the family communication area. 

There were plenty of reasons to develop the Family Vision Matrix™ program.

Families often had difficulty getting together in one place at one time for a family meeting.

The family meetings that families did manage to conduct were often ineffective.

Family members had trouble expressing themselves openly and honestly at the meetings.

Parents often had difficulty addressing some subjects with individual family members or at the meetings.

Since the Family Vision Matrix™ program was developed, there has been a constant effort to make the program smarter, better and more responsive to families’ needs.

Look around the site to experience what we are able to do.  Then act.  It costs so little to have the most effective way to have an open, honest family discussion.  Without the potential damage done by having a traditional family meeting.

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